Series: The Ico

  • Episode 6: Introducing Bronson

    Odesza and Golden Features have launched a new side project together, and Kent and Clayton have the full rundown on Bronson’s first few singles and upcoming album. They also provide […]

  • Episode 5: Unboxing the ‘A Moment Apart’ Deluxe Box Set

    Clayton & Kent unbox the Odesza ‘A Moment Apart’ Deluxe Box Set, which was sold in July 2019 and shipped in December after several production delays. Check out the video […]

  • Episode 4: Featuring Secret Santa organizer Kylie Virginia

    Clayton and Kent chat with Kylie Virginia, organizer of this year’s Secret Santa gift exchange in the Odesza Family Facebook Group. They also discuss more box set delays, Odesza-themed Christmas […]

  • Episode 3: The Boys Are Back

    Odesza is back in the studio, and Clayton and Kent discuss fan reaction of the now-infamous Instagram post. They also share fan mail, and sample new Foreign Family Collective releases […]

  • Episode 2: Featuring Odesza Superfan Alee Rowe

    Clayton and Kent chat with Odesza Superfan Alee Rowe, and discuss news about the Odesza box set, an Odesza-produced track in the latest X-Men film, and new releases from Chet […]

  • Episode 1: Intro

    In the pilot episode of The Ico, Clayton and Kent discuss why Odesza is important to them, share memories from the A Moment Apart tour, and highlight a new release […]