Episode 1: Intro

In the pilot episode of The Ico, Clayton and Kent discuss why Odesza is important to them, share memories from the A Moment Apart tour, and highlight a new release from Foreign Family Collective duo MEMBA.

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The Ico
Episode 1: Intro

2 Replies to “Episode 1: Intro”

  1. Sydney Schneider

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the boys 11 times now! I’m from Omaha, NE and I first saw the boys in MN in November of 2015 with the last time I saw them being at Bonnaroo a few months ago. I believe I saw the AMA tour 8 times? It’s hard to keep count lol. I have a beautiful Ico & Lotus mash up kind of tattoo that is based off of “Bloom” and Jess Wadley from Odesza families Art work <3

    I always say that IPlayYouListen will be the song that will be playing in the background when I die and go to heaven haha.

  2. Martin C. (from California)

    Hey Clayton and Kent! Loved episode 1! I cannot express how much it made my day to know that there is now an ODESZA-focused pod. I’m a relatively new ODESZA stan. I’ve known about them for years and really enjoyed a handful of their songs. But after seeing them live for the first time at Stanford, CA this July after my brother brought me along (he’s the biggest ODESZA fan I know–he’s seen them at Snowglobe for NYE 2017, the Staples Center in 2017, Sundara, Coachella 2018, and the last Finale show), I have immersed myself in the world of the icosahedron. That concert was quite a life changing experience for me. It just so happened that I was struggling with depression this past summer. Repeatedly listening to and watching anything ODESZA related (albums/EP, remixes, VIPs, No Sleeps, other DJ sets) helped me to cope during this darkest moment of my life thus. I’m happy to say I’m currently feeling great, and I attribute a lot of that turnaround to “Our Boys.” Their other worldly talent and masterpieces were just as important as any medication or therapy session in my ongoing recovery. I’m sure you hear many stories similar to mine all the time, but just wanted you guys (and hopefully the rest of the world) to know how integral Harrison, Clayton, and the rest of the ODESZA Family have been in my life. Looking forward to listening to future episodes! ⬡

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